After the pregnancy was confirmed by an ultrasound at my family doctor’s office I began to grow very excited that we would be new parents in end of July or August of 2010. I was always thinking of the precious life growing inside of me. My pregnancy was pretty easy, I didn’t have any morning sickness.

In March 11, 2010 my husband took a day off from work to be with me for the first ultrasound appointment. The technician wasn’t able to get a good image of our baby’s face because the head was all way down, but we were confirmed that our baby was healthy and growing well and asked me to come back in two weeks for another ultrasound.

At 20 weeks during the second follow up ultrasound in March 25 I was there by myself as I was thinking it would be a quick scan but it ended up being for more than 30 minutes. I remember lying down on bed praying that everything was fine. After questioning the technician if everything was fine, she only said yes and that my OB doctor will contact me.

I had a strange feeling the next day in March 26, 2010 when I got a text message from my husband letting me know that my OB wanted to see me as soon as possible. I knew right away that something was not right and asked my husband to come with me, as I was too nervous to go by myself. After waiting for couple of hours in the waiting room, the OB finally called us inside the room and made sure that we were the last patients. After hearing from my doctor that our baby has a cleft lip and palate and that he might have a chromosome problem (Trisomy 13 and 18), we were in shock and cried every single day as we didn’t have any idea what to expect.

In March 29, 2010 we decided to go for a 3D Ultrasound to double check if it was for real because we were in denial. After seeing our beautiful baby on the screen, my tears came down from happiness and everything. We were very nervous to see our baby’s face because we have never seen nor heard about the cleft. Here are two pictures of the ultrasound, one is when they saw the cleft lip and palate and the other one is a 3D Ultrasound where you can see our baby’s cleft lip.

In March 30, 2010 we went to meet with Dr. Nezarati at Genetic Center from North York General Hospital. Dr. Nezarati gave us lots of information which was helpful to us. After the meeting, we went to get an AMNIO as they recommended to find out whether our baby has Trisomy 13 and 18. The next morning we got a call from the hospital letting us know that our baby passed Trisomy 13 and 18 test. We were crying and overjoyed by knowing that our baby is healthy.


My husband Marcelo and I decided to go on vacation to Santa Clara, Cuba for the last time before conceiving a baby. The funny thing was that three days before flying to Cuba, we found out that I was pregnant which was the happiest moment in our lives. We decided not to announce to our families until the 3rd month. One week before Christmas, we surprised our parents, as we were so anxious to tell them.


My name is Ajdina and I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina and have been living in Canada since 2000. My husband’s name is Marcelo and his background is Spanish and Italian. My husband and I have been together for 8 years since June 1, 2002. On Valentine’s Day in February 14, 2004, my husband took me to Niagara Falls for the weekend. On our first stay at Niagara Falls, we went to an Italian Restaurant for dinner. I’ve been watching my husband being nervously and I remember asking him if he was okay and he kept saying “yes”. I think he was planning to propose to me at the restaurant but there were other couples that just got proposed. We headed back to our hotel and that’s where he proposed to me. I was in tears from happiness. We got married in June 17, 2006 in Spirale Banquet Hall with our families and friends. We had the most memorable day ever that we would love to do all over again. Here are some pictures from our first date to our wedding day.