Got the date for Palate Surgery

We got a great news from Sick Kids. Aidan’s palate surgery is scheduled for September 28th, 2011. As soon as we heard the news, we were excited and at the same time very nervous. I hate to see my little one in pain but like everybody would say that he will not remember any of this when he gets bigger. As a mom you don’t want to see your own kid go through lots of things. We are just very lucky that our Aidan is doing great and he’s full of life. He’s always happy and he’s still a good sleeper. We never had to stay up the whole night or morning. Yes, we are very lucky! 🙂

We have scheduled an appointment with Aidan’s pediatrician for September 8th, 2011 for a physical checkup and blood work for the pre-palate surgery.

Aidan’s 1st Birthday Party

It was such a beautiful morning that everybody woke up with a great mood. Last night my mom and my sister Sabina came over to help out with the food preparation and decorations. We started preparing food and my husband went to pick up the cake. I was kind of nervous and kept running up and down the stairs without knowing what to do and whether we would finish everything on time, but there was no reason to worry at all as everything turned out great. The party started at 2pm and everybody started arriving. It was a very very hot day but thank god for the big tents that we had. Aidan seemed to have enjoyed the party and had lots of fun. We had a clown entertaining the kids for 1 1/2 hours and it sure has gotten all the kids interested. They had their face painted and got balloons. I still tell myself I cannot believe that my baby is already 1 year old. It still seems to me that he just arrived to our world yesterday.

Aidan turns 1 year old!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our sweetest Aidan!!!!!

I know it’s hard to believe.  My eyes tear when I think today, July 26, is my little prince’s first birthday. It seems like so fast a year has passed. We’ve have a very busy year. Your Daddy and Mommy love you very very much and cherish every day with you. You are such a joy 🙂 We are very lucky to have you in our lives that the words cannot describe.

Today we will have family over; Majka, Dido, Tias, Tios and cousins for a cake and on Saturday July 30th Aidan will have a big party in our backyard with lots of children and the clown will be there to entertain the kids. That’s going to be lots of fun.

Aidan’s First Tooth

Yey, he’s got a first tooth at 11 months and 1 week old. Since couple of weeks Aidan has been putting his finger in his mouth non-stop and was drooling more than usual. Today after taking him to the park we decided to give him a bath. When Aidan was in the tub; he looked up at me with a big smile and I noticed something white on his gum. As soon as I touched it, I felt a tooth. It’s so exciting to see our little man becoming a little man ;). As soon as we are able to capture a picture of his tooth we will post them.

Aidan turns 11 Months Old

One more month to go until our little Aidan turns 1 year old. Where did time go by?? It feels like as if Aidan was born yesterday and still cannot believe how fast he has grown. We have been taking him everywhere this summer and he had lots of fun. Here are some pictures of Aidan’s first summer adventures 🙂

Everyone Loves Marineland 🙂

Aidan’s First Word: “Mama”

It made my day when my little Aidan said “Mama-Mama” for the first time at 10 months and 1 week old. I was so happy & excited and also expected him to say “Dada” first but he decided not to do it yet. His Daddy is teaching him to say “Dada” but every time Daddy says “Dada”; Aidan would say “Mama” 🙂 It’s so cute to listen the way he says “Mama”.

Aidan turns 10 Months

Our little guy turns 10 Months Old today and bought him a cake which he enjoyed making a mess :).

Aidan’s photoshoot

We took Aidan to a Photography Studio 2 weeks ago and the pictures came out great. Aidan was really photogenic and would literally just sit and smile when the photographer was trying to get his attention.

Aidan turns 9 Months Old

Our little man turns 9 Months Old today and we can’t believe how time is going fast. Aidan has been doing great and its nice to see that he is attempting to crawl and stand up. We just want to share some pictures of Aidan.