Happy Halloween!!!

Aidan’s 2nd Halloween.

Aidan turns 15 Months Old

Our little monkey turned 15 Months today and it’s great to see him how happy and full of energy he is. That morning we just decided to take pictures of him from walking around the house to reading a book. We are still waiting for him to say “Dada” 🙂 He would say “Gaga” which we think it’s “Dada” but who knows and he would also say “Aka” which we also think it’s “Majka” (grandma). It’s so exciting to see him doing and saying new things every day. 🙂

Walking around the house

Now that Aidan is learning to walk, he is starting to explore the house and follow mommy and daddy around the house.

A Big Day – Palate Surgery

4:30am – My mom and I decided to wake Aidan up around this time to feed him some milk as he won’t be able to drink milk after 5am, but Aidan was so lazy to wake up and didn’t want to drink milk. We’ve tried forcouple more minutes and it was not succesfull then we put him back in crib.

7am – It was time for Aidan to wake up and he still was lazy to wake up. We changed him and got to put his Superman T-Shirt as a sign for being strong 🙂 He was in a good mood and didn’t ask for milk.


7:45am – We got in the car and left for Sick Kids. My husband and I started getting a lot more nervous and also excited for the first time knowing that after everything is done with the palate surgery Aidan will be able to eat anything he wants without choking and gagging. My mom took a day off and came with us. My dad had to go to work but said he would come by after work. Aidan was nice and calm and my mom was giving him some apple juice. He eventually fell asleep in the car.

8:10am – We arrived at Sick Kids and my husband went to check out the lab first if it was open because Aidan was supposed to get blood work at 9am. He came back saying that the lab was open and I slowly picked Aidan up from the car and carried him to the lab while he was still sleeping. As soon as the nurse put the needle on Aidan’s finger he woke up complaining a bit and tried to move his hand away from the nurse.


9am – We went to register for the surgery at the Main Lobby and then we went to 6B on 6th floor where Aidan will have an physical examination before taking him down to the OR waiting room. I sent a text message to my dear friend Mandy-Lee that we are here as they were also at Sick Kids for their son Browen’s stuture removal. The nurse broughs us to one of the room where Aidan had to get undress and put the white robes in. My mom had to wait in the hallway.

10am – When I went out in the hallway to check on my mom and I saw Mandy-Lee, Andres and Browen. I was so so happy to see them. We all hugged each other then I went back to the room to get Aidan and my hubby to see them. We were hanging around with them in the hallway and took some pictures. We couldn’t believe how Browen looked so amazing as if he never had a surgery and he was so happy like Aidan :). I have a favourite picture of all of us that my mom took. It was an unbelievable day. The nurse came to get us back into the room and we said good-bye to each other and I was holding tears to myself but as soon as I turned back to say bye one more time I saw my mom crying with Mandy-Lee and Andres. The nurse recognized us from the lip surgery that Aidan had in January and it was her that checked him out. After it was done we went back to the hallway in the waiting room to my mom. Aidan was so good, he didn’t even cry or complain from hunger. My mom was walking with him while we sat down nervously waiting for the nurse to get us. Aidan was so happy and always had a huge smile with him the whole time. Not even one a bit he was quiet. After a while he started getting sleepy, my mom decided to rock him while carrying him. He fell asleep and was laughing loud while he was sleeping. It was so cute that I had to record it.

11:10am – The nurse came and asked us to follow her all way to the OR waiting room downstairs. When we got to the waiting room we were waiting for Dr. Fisher to come and talk to us. Aidan was still sleepin in his Majka’s arms. Around 11:40am Dr. Fisher came to talk to us and took a picture of Aidan’s lip. He said that the surgery would take from 2 to 3 hours and then the anaesthesia doctors came to talk to us about how Aidan will be put to sleep and so on. Aidan woke up sudden and he looked up the ceiling and around the waiting room while my mom was still holding him. He didn’t move at all and we can tell that he knew something was up.

12pm – The nurse came to get Aidan but was playing with him a bit by giving him his Tiger doll that he got from Browen and Aidan gave it back to her. He knew that he was going to be away from us. The nurse then asked my hubby to carry Aidan to the door OR. When we reached to the door, we gave him a huge kiss and said our good-byes and the nurse took Aidan while he was holding his Daddy’s shirt and it hurt me so much that we had to take his hands off his daddy’s shirt. I started crying when the nurse was walking down the hallway with Aidan and Aidan was looking around the hallway without crying. We were then taken to the different waiting room.

3pm – Dr. Fisher came to talk to us and said that everything went well and he was happy the way it turned out. He explained to us about the care of palate and that the nurses from 8C are very experienced with it and will be helping us. Now the doctors from ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) are putting tubes in Aidan’s both ears and will also do the hearing test. It will take another 45 minutes to 1 hour. My dad came by early by surprise. He couldn’t stay at work and was thinking a lot of Aidan and had to leave to be with us.

4:10pm – The receptionist from the waiting room let us know that Aidan has been moved the the recovery room and that we will get to see him in a while. We couldn’t wait to see our baby, it felt forever to wait.

5pm – We got to see our Aidan in the recovery room. He was lying down on his belly with his bump up. The plastic was wrapped around the crib to get Aidan moist air for the palate while breathing. There were blood spots on the sheet. We were asked not to stay there as they didn’t want Aidan to wake up and start crying when he hears our voices or sees us and that they would take him to the observation room on 8th floor 8C at 8pm. I was so emotional that I didn’t want to leave him there by himself. We went downstairs in the Lobby/Cafeteria with my parents waiting and waiting.

8pm – We went back to the 2nd Floor and were told to go to 8th Floor in 8C and wait for him there. When we got there, Aidan’s nurse was so happy to see us and Aidan as the last time she saw him was before his lip’s surgery. Aidan arrived to the Observation Room and the nurses hooked him up with the monitor and kept him inside the plastic cover until the next day. They also said that it would be best if we left and came back tomorrow morning we we listened to their advise and went to my parents house.

6:30am – We arrived at Sick Kids and Aidan was still sleeeping. His nurse said that he has slept through the whole night and that she hasn’t had a good/brave patient in a long time.

7:30am – Dr. Fisher’s assistant came by to check Aidan’s chart and said that everything looks great. Aidan will get to eat some chicken broth soup, pudding and some baby’s food after he wakes up.

10:30am – We woke Aidan up as he was still sleeping. We talked to him and he started opening his eyes and was confused where he was and he looked around. His face was swollen and he wasn’t himself yet. We changed him slowly and he had arm restraints on both his arms and needs to have it on 24 hours for 3 weeks. I started giving him some water in the syringe and he was swallowing slowly and after a while he started complaining from pain and the nurse gave him Tylenol and Morphine. I just had my baby with me the whole time and we were watching some cartoon.

12:30pm – They moved us to the private room where Aidan will have his own crib and room. I started feeding him chicken broth soup with the syringe and he ate everything without complaining and he wanted more food. It was so amazing to watch him wanting to eat more as if he never had a surgery. It made us so happy and we kept giving him food. Cindy from the Cleft Lip/Palate Team came by to see Aidan and we chatted about everything such as what to feed him; upcoming surgery. She was very happy the way Aidan’s lip is now and cannot even tell that he had a cleft.

1:30pm – Aidan’s tia Sabina and cousin Adrian came by for a visit and Aidan was so happy to see them. His cousin Adrian made him laugh so hard when he was singing fast” Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. Here is a video of Aidan laughing. He amazes us every single day and lets us know how strong he is and that he is fine 🙂 We love him so much and we thank God every day.

6pm – My parents arrived from work; stayed with us and played with Aidan until it was time for Aidan to sleep. We gave him another Tylenol and Morphine so that he would not be in lots of pain. He fell asleep on my lap while my arm were wrapped around him. Everytime I tried putting him on crib, he would start crying and get so scarred. We were told that kids from 12 months old get so scarred after the surgery and would not want to sleep alone and they were right. I decided to let Aidan sleep on my lap. I’ve been watching TV while the boys were sleeping and finally around 5:30am Aidan was okay sleeping on crib while waking up 5 times when I tried to put him on crib.

FRIDAY SEP 30, 2011
– Dr. Fisher’s assistant came by and asked if we were ready to go home and I was like NO as I was nervous that he would be in a lot more pain and that I wouldn’t have any nurses helping me whenever I needed them. But at the same time we were happy that Aidan has been doing amazingly well and that he didn’t need to stay extra night at the hospital. They gave us prescriptions for Morphine in case he needs it and Antibiotic/Polysporin ear drop for his ears because he got tubes inserted in his both ears.

11am – HOORRAAYYY Aidan is released from the hospital. It’s been a roller coaster emotional but knowing that the big surgery is done feels so great. In six weeks Aidan will have a follow up appointment with Dr. Fisher for the palate, ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) for the ears and the speech therapist.

A day before Palate Surgery

To my surprise Aidan was walking fully on his own in the living room when I got to my parents house from work. As soon as he saw me he walked toward me with a big smile and clapped his hands. I was in awe and started getting a bit emotional (can’t believe that’s my little baby). Through my mind I wanted to cancel the surgery, I was afraid that he would be in lots of pain and I wouldn’t get to see him very happy.  I knew that he was going to be in great hands at Sick Kids with amazing doctors and nurses. The luggages were all packed and Aidan was just laughing, walking, playing and mumbling with his Majka and Dida (my parents). Aidan was allowed to eat solid food by 12am – drink milk/formula before 5am and drink water/apple juice before 8:30am.  We kept Aidan awake until 11pm so that he would not be tired the next day at the hospital. By the time Aidan fell asleep everything was so quiet that we were just thinking about the big surgery.

Aidan learning to walk

Hi Mommy and Daddy, check me out 🙂

Aidan turns 14 Months Old

Tomorrow Aidan turns 14 months and he is growing so fast. Today he was having so much fun that I had to take pictures of our little monkey. He loves to walk but he will not walk on his own yet. Everytime we let him go he would walk few steps on his own until he realizes that he’s not being held and would sit down on the floor right away. It’s so cute to watch him getting so excited. He’s growing so fast and he weights 27 lbs now. Aidan loves his Daddy dearly and would always play a piano and guitar together. He would actually cry when his Daddy goes to the other room and would follow him everywhere he goes. It makes my heart melt when I see such an incredible love they have for each other.

I can’t believe that there are only two days left until the palate surgery and I can’t imagine with what he has to go through and I hope he will be himself again right after the surgery and seeing him smile. I’ve got so many different emotions that sometimes I feel like canceling the surgery or wish it was next week or next month because it’s happening real soon but I know that it’s best for him so that he will be able to eat anything he wants and be able to suck so that he will not have to drink from a sippy cup with the big hole from the nipple. I am just praying that the surgery will go well.

Visiting Aidan’s best buddy Browen at Sick Kids

Our dearest friends Mandy-Lee and Andres’ son Browen had a cleft lip surgery today by Dr. Fisher as well. After work I decided to go see them at Sick Kids as I know they need someone there for them as their families live far away. As soon as I stepped in the elevetor and pressed #8 all my mixed emotions were inside of me as I remember how we all went through while staying in the hospital for couple months and when Aidan had his lip surgery. Aidan’s nurse from the lip surgery recognized me and asked about Aidan and she was so happy that I created a blog so that other parents can reach to us anytime. That’s how they found our blog and we’ve become close friends since then. As soon as I saw Mandy-Lee I had to keep tears away and my throat was hurting me so bad. I wanted to stay strong for them so that they can stay stronger for their prince Browen. Browen looks so handsome as always and was sleeping. Sadly his best buddy Aidan and Marcelo could not be there to see them but we got a Teddy Bear and smiley face balloon for Browen from Aidan :). I forgot to bring my camera with me so I could take pictures but Andres was taking pictures of us and cannot wait to see them. Next week Wednesday we will see them again at Sick Kids for Browen’s suture/stitches removel and Aidan’s palate surgery. So excited to see them!

Good Morning Aidan

We had to post this video of our little guy. It is so cute to see him sleep and how he sleeps with his butt up and how excited he is when he wakes up. Aidan is a morning person just like mommy.

Aidan turns 13 Months Old

Wow…already 13 months old, it feels like we celebrated Aidan’s First Birthday yesterday. He’s growing so fast and is learning new things each day. The summer has been so amazing, we hardly were at home as the weather was amazing. We had an amazing summer adventure with our little Aidan. He enjoyed exploring new things and places. Here are some of our unforgettable summer fun pictures.