Merry Christmas

Our little guy has grown so much and we are happy to be part of his life. Merry Christmas.


Aidan – 2 Years and 2 Months

We haven’t posted in a while but out little guy has been doing great and has been having so much fun this summer with his Family and friends.

Aidan – 2 years and 2 months old

Aidan – 8 Months Old

Aidan GQ

Little guy looked so cute with Daddy’s hat that we had to take pictures of Aidan.

Aidan 20 Months Old – Month of Warm “March” Weather

Month of March was just beautiful and the weather felt like summer for almost 2 weeks and since we live in Canada, we have to enjoy every minute.

We got to go to the park many times and Aidan loved the slides and got to play ball with Abuelito and Daddy.

Having some fun

Today was a fun day with our little monkey. Right when he woke up he had a smile on his face and we took some shots of him. This little guy makes us feel so good about life 🙂


Surprise – Aidan is able to suck from Sippy Cup!

To our surprise we saw Aidan sucking from a sippy cup on his own. It made me want to cry from happiness as we have been trying to get him practice for 4 month after the palate surgery. It was so worth it 🙂 Aidan even got so excited and kept drinking, but first he was sucking hard that lots of water came out and he sure did not like it. Even after I gave him an apple juice with the straw and was also able to drink from the straw. We still gave him NUBY sippy cup without cutting the hole in the spouts.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

From the Parra Family, we want to wish family and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Aidan meeting Santa

Aidan got to meet Santa and we he wishes for all the kids to have a big smile for Christmas 🙂

Aidan – 16 Months Old

Time is going so fast and today Aidan turns 16 months old. This time Aidan helped mommy decorate the Christmas tree and like always was playing with his toys.

Aidan got to meet some of Toronto Maple Leafs Players

While Daddy and Aidan were in the waiting room in the Eye Clinic at Sick Kids waiting to see the Opthamologist Dr. Ali, to surprise some of the Toronto Maple Leaf hockey players walked around greeting the children and signing the autoghraphs. Too bad Mommy had to be at work that day. Daddy got to take some pictures of them. Since Aidan met them, he will become a fine hockey player like them 🙂