A day before Palate Surgery

To my surprise Aidan was walking fully on his own in the living room when I got to my parents house from work. As soon as he saw me he walked toward me with a big smile and clapped his hands. I was in awe and started getting a bit emotional (can’t believe that’s my little baby). Through my mind I wanted to cancel the surgery, I was afraid that he would be in lots of pain and I wouldn’t get to see him very happy.  I knew that he was going to be in great hands at Sick Kids with amazing doctors and nurses. The luggages were all packed and Aidan was just laughing, walking, playing and mumbling with his Majka and Dida (my parents). Aidan was allowed to eat solid food by 12am – drink milk/formula before 5am and drink water/apple juice before 8:30am.  We kept Aidan awake until 11pm so that he would not be tired the next day at the hospital. By the time Aidan fell asleep everything was so quiet that we were just thinking about the big surgery.

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