Visiting Aidan’s best buddy Browen at Sick Kids

Our dearest friends Mandy-Lee and Andres’ son Browen had a cleft lip surgery today by Dr. Fisher as well. After work I decided to go see them at Sick Kids as I know they need someone there for them as their families live far away. As soon as I stepped in the elevetor and pressed #8 all my mixed emotions were inside of me as I remember how we all went through while staying in the hospital for couple months and when Aidan had his lip surgery. Aidan’s nurse from the lip surgery recognized me and asked about Aidan and she was so happy that I created a blog so that other parents can reach to us anytime. That’s how they found our blog and we’ve become close friends since then. As soon as I saw Mandy-Lee I had to keep tears away and my throat was hurting me so bad. I wanted to stay strong for them so that they can stay stronger for their prince Browen. Browen looks so handsome as always and was sleeping. Sadly his best buddy Aidan and Marcelo could not be there to see them but we got a Teddy Bear and smiley face balloon for Browen from Aidan :). I forgot to bring my camera with me so I could take pictures but Andres was taking pictures of us and cannot wait to see them. Next week Wednesday we will see them again at Sick Kids for Browen’s suture/stitches removel and Aidan’s palate surgery. So excited to see them!

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  1. Dianne Percy
    Dianne Percy says:

    Dearest Adjina, Marcelo and Aidan. Thank you so much for having this blog. This is how our daughter, Mandy-Lee and Andres came to meet you and then Browen. You have all become very special to them every since you first met. You have helped them in so many ways. I am so happy that you are strength for each other. Good Luck tommorrow for Aidan’s palate surgery. I know that all will go well. I will have you in my thoughts all day just as I will be thinking of our precious grandson, Browen getting his stitches out. I am hoping to meet you in the winter when Browen has his palate surgery when I come to Toronto. Take care!


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