My name is Ajdina and I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina and have been living in Canada since 2000. My husband’s name is Marcelo and his background is Spanish and Italian. My husband and I have been together for 8 years since June 1, 2002. On Valentine’s Day in February 14, 2004, my husband took me to Niagara Falls for the weekend. On our first stay at Niagara Falls, we went to an Italian Restaurant for dinner. I’ve been watching my husband being nervously and I remember asking him if he was okay and he kept saying “yes”. I think he was planning to propose to me at the restaurant but there were other couples that just got proposed. We headed back to our hotel and that’s where he proposed to me. I was in tears from happiness. We got married in June 17, 2006 in Spirale Banquet Hall with our families and friends. We had the most memorable day ever that we would love to do all over again. Here are some pictures from our first date to our wedding day.